November 09, 2013

Alex and The Tower

Alex shifted uncomfortably and straightened his jacket out before pressing the intercom to speak into it.

"My name is Alex, I overheard an exchange between one of Mr. Tenpenny's associates and the woman who just left, I'm seeking employee-"

The intercom crackles an interruption.

"Yeah whatever, I'll let you in just don't mind the ghouls.. I'll have one of my men escort you to Tenpenny's suite."

Alex pulls the jacket closer to his body, hiding the. .38 revolver under it just as the gate opens and a man in combat armor greets him, holding a combat shotgun.

"Follow me, don't make any trouble." The glare the man gives him makes it incredibly obvious that nobody here is in the mood for joviality at the moment and that Alex isn't making the best first impression showing up battleworn in an obviously stolen Enclave jacket.

He follows the man into the tower and around a security desk to an elevator. As they step on Alex carefully examines his surroundings noting the people walk around. One of them is a ghoul male in a leather armor clearly quite pleased with himself.

"Hold tight, next stop Tenpenny's suite."

Joshua Graham via Vault-Tec inc.

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