November 26, 2013

Alex and The Reason

The elevator opens and the man beside Alex steps off and continues up a ways taking a left, he raises an arm to a man around the corner then turns back.

"You coming or what?"

Alex comes around the corner, entering  the room before Tenpenny's perch. The man behind him closes the door and Alex puts his hand back on the revolver, opening the door to the outside slowly.

The old man is peacefully setting, proper and straight like a true gentleman.

"Hello then, what can I do for you friend?"

His hands raise a small glass of whiskey which he swishes around. His face has a genuine smile, but Alex doesn't return it.

"The girl from Vault 101, she came by I see.."

Tenpenny took a slow deliberate sip from his glass and nodded.

"Yes, quite a nice girl.. I'm afraid she was rather short with me at first but she warmed up once we allowed that Roy fellow to move in, I think you may have noticed him on your way up.. Rotting flesh, cocky demeanor?"

Alex finally returned the favor with a smile as he wiped his mouth, the rough dirty particles from the wasteland air scratching him as it goes. The hand with the revolver comes out and points at Tenpenny who quickly loses his smile.

"I don't know why you stuck your nose in Megaton's business.. But you managed to get the sherrif killed in the process." Tenpenny quickly moves and starts to say something but Alex pulls the trigger twice. "I don't need to know either.."

Alex takes a step over to the edge, dragging Tenpenny's draining body over to it. Below the men in combat armor raise their heads to the sound of the gunshots. He drops Tenpenny who plummets into the courtyard and Alex busts through the doorways in a rush, knocking the two men in front of it. He breaks for the elevator which dings and slowly opens. As the door closely slowly, Alex crouches and attaches a stealth boy to his side and activates it.

The elevator reaches the lobby. A tense group is huddled, guns drawn.


Joshua Graham via Vault-Tec inc.

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