October 23, 2013

Global Fallout Day

The Great War started and ended in one day, it was a Saturday and it took place on October 23rd, 2077, lasting approximately two hours. Now on October 23rd, every year Fallout Fans celebrate the Global Fallout Day!

Join us and submit (message the page) your Fallout related stuff at Vault-Tec inc. Facebook Page, (anything from memes to cosplay pics) and vote for the best one! The Winner will be a person with the most votes by the end of the 23rd and gets a random game on Steam (Steam account needed!). There is also another giveaway available for Fallout day (Like, Share & Comment Post), check it here.

Every submitted Fan content is represented here and you can vote for your favorite one (or more!) on the pole to your right [pole ended and deleted on November 2013].

Benedetta Ruggeri - Dexter ave

C.J. Jackson - Pre-war TV commercial

Matthew Quinn - Megaton Psycho Origins

Henry Lombardi - Vault Boy Pumpkin

Scott Daly - Fallout Tribute

Tom Nguyen - Vault-Tec inc. Fan Art

This is all for now, but more will be added soon! Send us your Fallout related stuff at Vault-Tec inc. Fan Page (Message the page), and don't forget to vote!

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