October 22, 2013

Alex: Public Enemy

 The sun can be unforgiving, but it's the cold wasteland nights that really brand you. Alex shivered and warmed his hands with the fire in front of him. The wind picked up with a faint chemical burn and pushed right through his jacket. Off in the distance a Bloatfly buzzed greedily and a soft thwack rent the air. Alex stood fully and drew his weapon, all of his senses on alert. A faint and steady hiss echoed from somewhere just over the hill followed by another swish of a blade. A hearty laugh rang out that made Alex's blood run cold. Alex rang one shot in the air, slowly removing the cloth of his Stormchaser hat from his face.

 "Whoever the fuck you are.. Show yourself. You get one warning now."

As the hissing sound grew closer it became more evident to be some sort of propulsion, a sound one might relate to a stove's burner clicking on over and over. At the crest of a hill a man appeared. In his hand was a long blade. It appeared to be the bastard child of a lawn mower and a motorcycle, connecting behind his back to a large tank of what must be gasoline. Although the man's face was hidden under a protective fireman's helm, Alex could swear he was smiling. The gun in Alex's hand rang out twice.

Joshua Graham via Vault-Tec inc.

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