October 18, 2013

Alex: The Wandering Stranger

The electric lights above the bed crackled and seemed to shift in place. Alex laid awake, fully dressed with his eyes staring blankly into the common room's corner. The last commoner to make his way back from the Saloon had been in a drunken slumber for the last twenty minutes. Alex grabbed the satchel laying at his side and silently scrambled out of his bunk. He stopped at a nearby storage locker, checking around him to make sure everyone was fast asleep. He crouched and rummaged into the space blindly while keeping watch. He found another man's ration of Purified Water and began soundlessly putting them in his bag.

As he stood and opened the door the sounds of Megaton's night time reverie came in. He stood calmly feeling the crude wasteland breeze against the neck of his torn Enclave officer's jacket and he pulled down the brim of his pre-war hat and stepped out. The metallic clanking under his light boots perfectly echoed the ones from above near the saloon. He started towards the gate, brushing past Nathan Vargas who was walking towards his home rather distractedly. Nathan said something to him but continued on and under Stockholm's post. As he continued through the gates, he heard Stockholm call out:

"Where the hell are you going so late kid?"

"Somewhere else."

Alex pulled the hat farther down on his head and secured the strap on his bag. With his hand on the butt of his holstered .38 revolver he began walking in the direction of Tenpenny Tower...

Joshua Graham via Vault-Tec inc.

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